Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, those pesky Mayans were proved wrong and the world did not end in 2012 (neither at the solstice nor the start of our calendar year).

I need to apologize a bit for my absence of late. Around Halloween things really got crazy and I started missing my blog-post dates. And like any good habit, once you miss it more than once, it's dangerously easy to start missing it a lot.

But now that the crazy holiday season has finally wound up (don't get me wrong -- we had fun, but we were hopping from one party to event to gathering for almost 10 weeks straight!), I can get back to the serious business of drinking some new beers.

First I'm going to go back and fill in a few old reviews that I started but had not finished, then I'll move on to the new material for the new year.

Talk to ya soon!

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