Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why I've been absent...

It's time to return to my beer blog, but first I should probably say why I wandered away.

For me, it was a matter of health and calories. You see, I got a little sick last year and I don't drink alcohol when I'm ill. When I do, it makes me sicker. That's an unfortunate aspect of my biology that I've learned the hard way. :-(

The second was that I started working on losing weight. So far I'm down more than 40 pounds, and in order to achieve this, I had to give some things up. One of the things I gave up was beer.

Now, however, I'm healthier and I am able to drink some beer and still lose weight. It's a matter of finding a balance between beer, veggies and other lighter fare.

So, I'm ready to come back. Hopefully some of you will come back to join me, and others will join me on an exciting exploration of the world of beer.  Oh, and don't be surprised if I start including recipes that use beer in light cuisine, and start dabbling into the scary world of light beers.