Sunday, September 29, 2013

054. 1st Street Ale


I'm a little under the weather at the moment, so I'm not drinking much right now. But I was craving a beer tonight. A new beer tonight. So, when I needed a bag of ice, I mosied over to the Spec's Liquor on Cutton Drive in NW Houston and picked up a 6-pack of a local brew that I've never tried before: No Label Brewing Company's 1st Street Ale for about $8.50.

I'm drinking just one tonight, and am going to give you first impressions. I plan to drink another bottle bottle tomorrow (or Monday) and finish a proper review.

First Sip
Popping the top of a cold bottle released a pleasant aroma.I think there are hints of citrus and hops, but I'm a little congested, so I'm not 100% sure. There might even be a trace of pine, but I won't swear to it.I drank this straight from the bottle, so I've no idea how it pours (but there was always a thin head in the bottle, so I have high hopes for it when I get around to pouring it). My first sip brought to mind one word: CRISP.

It has a pleasant bitterness of hops on the tongue that was excited by what seems to be medium carbonation. The first few sips were nice, but after about two-thirds of the bottle, it developed a taste that stayed with me on my tongue in an enjoyable way.

I don't think this is a remarkable ale, but as something to wash down the dog days of summer, I think it's a welcome to any cooler. It's a pleasant ale and I'm looking forward to my next bottle.

From the Website:This Blonde Ale is dedicated to the city of Katy, Texas. Because Katy was known for its rice farming, we decided to brew this beer with a touch of rice, giving it a smooth, clean, and crisp finish. Perfect for all occasions. Come try it at one of our tasting or look for it at shelf near you. 

Thoughts from the bottom of the glass:
Type: Ale
Color: ???
Aroma: Citrus, hops and pine?
Hops: Tart on the tongue
Malt: ???
Head: ???
Lace: ???
Carbonation: Light
Mouthfeel:  Crisp and refreshing
Temperature Sweet Spot: ???
ABV: ???
My Summer Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Other Reviews Worth A Sip:
To come...

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