Wednesday, March 2, 2011

017. Samuel Adams NOBLE experiment

Wow. A month since my last post? I wouldn't blame you people if you thought I went on the wagon. Truth is, I've been sipping without writing. Also, I've been buying so many beers that my wife is thinking about calling those people who do the Hoarders TV show.

With that said, it's time for me to do some quick, short posts to see if I can catch up before June. Not likely, but you never know...

Samuel Adams Noble Pils is in my cup tonight (sorry, no photo of the cup, but here's a shot of the six pack).

This is a light beer with an acidic bite that's not too harsh and brings a bright, cheery note just in time for spring. It has a nice, fluffy white head and a very pale brown/golden body. The aroma is a mixture of hops and citrus, which is just what I want in a spring libation.

What's funny is that I had made all the above observations before reading the text at the top of the neck of the bottle:

"Samuel Adams Noble Pils is one of the only brews made with all 5 Noble hops from the world's oldest growing regions. Its bright flavor and lively, citrus hop character reminds us that the warm days of spring are just a few weeks away. Cheers!"

For once, it appears that I'm right on the money with my analysis.

Thoughts from the Bottom of the Glass:
Color: Golden brown
Aroma: Hops and citrus
Taste: Light, bright, a nice balance of hops, malt and a hint of citrus
Head: Thick & fluffy, very thick
Lace: Thick and stays (rinse your mug before leaving it overnight)
Carbonation: Strong/Medium
ABV: 4.9%
I give it a 7.5 out 10

This is a perfect beer for Spring. This is something I could definitely drink again.

By the way, thanks to Brew Beat for their observations (and the photo I lifted) on this beer. And, in case you'r wondering, I always write my own reviews before going out there to see what other people have to say about it. In this case, I didn't notice any of the "Syrupy sweet malt character in the background" that they did.

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