Saturday, April 7, 2012

021. Double Trouble with Sam Adams Double Bock

I may have found my first bi-polar beer. Not that I mean to demean anyone with that condition, it's just that Samuel Adams Double Bock hit a manic high/low when I tasted it today. I had one bottle after dinner and gave it a conservative pour: a 45-degree angle and gentle velocity down the glass until I reached about 60% of the bottle, then  poured the rest right in from the top.

What I wound up with was a meely-mouthed weak brew hardly worth the keystrokes to trash online (BTW: I hate trashing beers -- every time I open one I hope it will be the "next thing" I fall in love with,). Based on my first taste, though, this was not going to be it.

I paid $10 for a four-pack of this beer at a Randall's near Jersey Village in Houston. At the time, I had no idea that it actually had an alcohol content of 9.5%. Knowing that, I might have passed on it because -- in my experience -- high-alcohol content beers are usually bitter. This one is definitely bitter.

The label says there is almost a half pound of malt in each bottle. Yup, a half pound! Frankly, I didn't taste it. Oh, I could taste the malt, but just not that much. Or maybe it was the type of malt they used. It just didn't impress me. I do think they wisely played down the hops, as the alcohol (very strong) added the bitterness you usually associate with strong hops. I think it was a wise decision, but not 100% successful.

In general, I think people who like strong hop beers will like this malty alternative that has the kick they crave. As you know, I don't like strong hops, so I didn't care for it, give it one of the lower ratings I've ever given a beer (4 out of 10). If it had just been based on taste, I might have originally gone to 4.5. But this was a very erratic beer (maybe it was too old?). The first pour was conservative and produced no head or lace, but the second aggressive pour had a nice head and lace. I might try one more bottle to see what happens (if I do and get different results, I'll post an update).

Another Opinion
By the way, I found a really cool review of this beer over at YouTube (as you may recall, I review the beer and then go out and read other reviews -- this helps me find people with similar tastes and that, in turn, leads me to new beers). I love this guy's theme song!

Also, if you'd like a review from someone who really liked it, check out Prof. Sudz' review:

Thoughts from the bottom of the glass:
Color:  Very cloudy dark brown with hints of copper
Aroma: Strong with powerful overtones of malt and a hint fruity undertones
Hops: Hidden below the bitter alcohol taste
Head: Confused -- first pour was nonexistent, second aggressive pour was impressive
Lace: First none, then some. Very odd.
Carbonation:  Medium to strong.
My Rating: 4 out of 10

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  1. Hey Mike, I found another use for Shiner Black Bohemian. Saturday I cooked a duck South American style. The sauce called for two cups of dark beer. It was very delicious.