Thursday, June 24, 2010

I want to invade your country and steal your beer

I like beer.

There's nothing profound in that statement, and it's certainly not a cry for help (my only drinking problem is that, too often, my glass is empty). It's just that there's something wonderful about that foamy goodness... the aroma of hops and grain and that gentle, warm feeling you get from a frosty mug. Something that appeals to me -- resonates with something deep inside me. Maybe it's because my ancestors came from Ireland and Germany, but I doubt it (even though, on occasion, I cite my ancestry with a pair of clichés and tell people that "The blood of my forebears makes me want to invade your country to steal their beer").

But I'm kidding. Mostly.

So, obviously this blog is about beer. Specifically, the beer I’m drinking. That would include my favorites (like Shiner Black and Guinness), a few I don’t like (Bud Light, Coors), but mostly I’ll be looking at the exotics and imports that I test from time to time. It’s the exotics that appeal to me, as I get older. Even though my old staples are there to get me through a hot summer’s day or a cold winter’s night, I find that as I get older I enjoy stepping out on the wild side, so to speak.

Now, I’m not a food or beer critic. I’ve had no formal training (even though I’ve passed the bar on hundreds of occasions). But I do know what I like, and that’s what I’m going to write about: The exotics and my experiments in different beers, ales, lagers, meads, ciders, and anything else that I think tastes good in a stein.

My birthday is this weekend, and two of the gifts I got were some unusual beers (total cost, about $45). Rather than just drink ‘em up, though, this year I’ve decided to document my experiences here, and further, I’ve decided that this year (my 46th), I’m going to try to average one new beer per week. Yup, that’s 52 new or exotic beers in one year. Hardly a monumental goal, but one I think I’ll enjoy attempting.

So, pull up a chair and pop a top, my friends… the first round is on me.

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